Recent History


Barford Village Shop has just donated £13,500 to the Barford Community Charity fund.


We compared some of our prices with Sainsburys on 13th September and this is the list we came up with

Some products will be cheaper in the supermarkets but when you consider the cost of fuel and time to get to them and the wear and tear on your vehicle then –

It pays to support your local shop.

Lions Easter Egg

On Thursday 18th April the winning number was 17 and the Lions Easter Egg was won by Liz Askew


 On Thursday 6th December at 5.30pm

Carol singing around the tree

The 10th Birthday Hamper was won by Gill Jones.

Congratulations to Gill – lots to enjoy!

The Winning Ticket

The 10th Birthday Hamper

Happy Birthday to Barford Village Shop being 10 years old on the 1st November

There was a special 10th Birthday Cake in the Shop

Shared with many and went down well.

Volunteers at the Barford Village Shop. Front centre Amanda Griffin and front right Corenna Jennings

Ten years ago on 1st November, Barford Village shop first opened its doors.

The shop has been a great success. It opens every day of the week, has never had to close and is manned by volunteers. Most volunteers do a 3 hour shift once a week, some do more. The shop has a full time manager, Corenna Jennings who comments “Many of our volunteers have been with us since the beginning and we need to celebrate their dedication”.

Over the years more than 100 people have been volunteers. Currently there are around 80 and some of the younger volunteers have helped as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award. Corenna added “We are always seeking new volunteers”

Through fund raising, grant income and a share issue to over 500 local residents, the £250,000 had been raised to make this a reality.

The shop incorporates a Post Office with Rod Scott its post master. It also has a cafe with Wi-Fi access. This social aspect provides a place to meet, help for those in need and a source of information.

Over the ten years the shop has won various awards and was visited by the Duke of Kent when he opened the enhanced King George’s field.

Amanda Griffin, the chair of the shop’s managing company said “When people come together, great things can be achieved”.


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