Updated – 12th March  – Check these pages for regular updates


Please would you continue to wear a face covering in the shop.

This will protect our staff, volunteers, and other customers during this spike in infections and we do not want to have to  close the shop.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Barford Village Shop Directors.

Your Village Shop will be open

Monday to Saturday 8am-6pm and Sunday 9am-12am.

The Post Office will still be open Monday to Friday 2.45pm to 5pm

(all volunteer dependent)

Still only 3 customers at a time in the shop and 1 customer at a time for the Post Office. Stay safe

Post will be collected each day the Post Office is open

Please follow procedures to stay safe and maintain social distancing. Wear a face covering in the shop and post office

Post Office queue will start outside the shop, you will see the sign

When instructed to enter the shop, enter via the main door, turn left in front of the bread and proceed directly to the post office counter. When finished, exit via the cafe doors.

If you need both the shop and post office, you will have to do this separately.

  • Masks– Anyone shopping must wear a face mask/covering over nose and mouth
  • There should be only 3 customers allowed in the shop at any one time.  There will be signs stating this at the entrance
  • There is a clearly marked ‘one way’ system round the shop with tables (that will have the A/C holder newspapers on them) blocking the way between the door and the till so that customers have to turn right and move round the shop in an anti-clockwise direction.  
  • The main door will be ‘in only’ and the café door will be ‘out only’ for customers.  Those who just want to pick up their A/C newspaper and not buy anything can  turn left to go straight out via the café door.
  • However deliveries will come in through the café door and be left in the corner of the cafe until there is time to put them on the shelves – except fruit/veg and chilled which will need to be put out straight away in which case the shop will be temporarily closed to allow staff to do this safely.
  • The office door will have a sign urging staff not to go in for anything other than essential reasons.  This will give Corenna more time to herself and a safer space away from others.  We must do all we can to support her.
  • The toilet will be closed to customers for anything other than emergencies
  • There will be signs around the shop reminding customers and staff about ‘social distancing’. 
  • There will be tape markings on the floor to help people keep their distance at the counter and while queuing to pay.
  • There will also be tape on the floor in the office around Corenna’s desk.  It is very difficult in such a small space but we hope you will all be aware and help to keep her safe.
  • There will be a sign on the shop door advising customers to wait outside if the shop is too crowded.
  • The shop will be temporarily closed on Wednesdays when the big delivery arrives with a sign outside to advise customers the time of re-opening.

To encourage social distancing, the Shop Café will be a take away service only (using disposable cups) until further notice.

We will keep you updated with regular notices on this website, the Barford Community Facebook page, and the noticeboard outside The Shop.

We are aware of a number of initiatives in our villages for neighbours to group together and help each other with shopping etc. We will endeavour to serve everyone’s needs as best we can, subject to stock availability.

If anyone else feels that they can offer help in these difficult times, please contact Corenna on 01926 624075 or email managerbvs@phonecoop.coop

Coronavirus (Covid-19)

We would like to assure our customers that we are taking the Coronavirus (Covid-19) very seriously. We are monitoring the situation and following the advice from the World Health Organisation and Public Health England.

We are doing our best to keep the shop as clean as possible to protect our volunteers, customers and suppliers.

The board has decided to waive the £5 minimum on card purchases for the foreseeable future and encourage customers to pay contactless where possible. However, for cashback, you have to insert your card and use the keypad.

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we are experiencing a high demand on a number of products. We are trying our best to keep the shop adequately stocked for every eventuality.

If anyone would like to become a temporary volunteer to help cover in the event of staff shortages, please let us know.

We aim to keep the shop open and running as normal as possible as it is a vital hub for all the community.

Please do make every effort to stay safe and well.

The shop has been open for 12 years on the 1st November!

We have been open every day except Christmas day even through the pandemic.

A big thank you to all involved, volunteers past and present and our loyal customers.

Most of our products are price marked and as cheap as the main supermarkets. We try to keep our prices competitive. Pop into the shop to find out.

We sell a range of fresh groceries, newspapers, wines, beers and spirits, fresh local milk, bread, cakes, cheese, eggs, vegetables, meat, prepared meals, and much more. The shop is owned and run by the community and manned by volunteers.

Mobile phone top-ups can be carried out during shop hours.

Barford Village Shop CIC,
Church Street, Barford,

Phone: 01926 624075

VAT Number 891 606 992 Company number 0600 47205

email managerbvs@phonecoop.coop