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Updated – 18th September – Check these pages for regular updates

We compared some of our prices with Sainsburys on 13th September and this is the list we came up with

Some products will be cheaper in the supermarkets but when you consider the cost of fuel and time to get to them and the wear and tear on your vehicle then –

It pays to support your local shop.

Opening Hours:

Shop: Monday to Saturday – 8am – 6pm,  Sunday – 8.30am – 1pm

Most of our products are price marked and as cheap as the main supermarkets. We try to keep our prices competitive. Pop into the shop to find out.

We sell a range of fresh groceries, newspapers, wines, beers and spirits, fresh local milk, bread, cakes, cheese, eggs, vegetables, meat, prepared meals, and much more. The shop is owned and run by the community and manned by volunteers.

Mobile phone top-ups can be carried out during shop hours.

We have a part time Post Office

Open Monday to Friday – 2.45pm – 5.15pm

Banking services are available, you can pay in cheques, (with a paying-in slip and envelope), and cash to most accounts and take out cash on cards from your account without the need to travel into town. Many utility bills can be paid at the counter through the Post Office system.  We can also scan bar-codes and carry out payments and withdrawals using cards via APS (Advanced Payment Solutions).

Barford Village Shop CIC,
Church Street, Barford,

Phone: 01926 624075

VAT Number 891 606 992 Company number 0600 47205

email managerbvs@phonecoop.coop